What are Computers?

What are computers right? You may be thinking, isn’t this question a little strange to ask in this century, I mean doesn’t everyone know what a computer is? My answer to that is NO, asking what computers are isn’t strange at all. Some people press computers already but they may not know fully what they… Read more What are Computers?

Ransomware: Protect Yourself

What is Ransomware? Ransomware is a type of Malware transmitted via emails, broadcasts or online links through compromised websites and social networking sites. The last Ransomware attack took place a week ago and the impact was felt in over 150 countries. Sighsss..Now that is a lot, don’t you think? How do i get attacked? Simple! Cybercriminals design… Read more Ransomware: Protect Yourself

Jobs in Social Media

Social Media JOBS – What about it?? Learning how to use social media is a walk in the park for those who decide to know how, it can be a little bit confusing but as someone said the other day on twitter, two platforms well executed is better than 5 poorly executed platforms. Mobile Apps… Read more Jobs in Social Media

Legit Work From Home Jobs

You have not heard? Tech is where it’s happening. I give you LEGIT work from home jobs..tada..! Download my FREE ICT Guide Now It has been predicted that by the year 2020, there will be over one and a half million open jobs in the tech/ICT sector, WOW, that’s a huge number yeah! Tech skills are 20 of… Read more Legit Work From Home Jobs