I am a divergent technology enthusiast with eleven (11) years’ experience in the ICT industry. WordPress saved me from roaming the web six years ago and gave me a voice i use freely on my blog,

I work with an amazing team at How Do You Tech. We curate human verified and useful answers to problems and challenges in tech for Nigerians & Kenyans. We build useful digital platforms (website, blogs & applications). We teach individuals and businesses how to leverage on digital platforms to turn profit. And we support and manage your presences on these digital platforms for your business and brand.

In my spare time, I teach digital skills at Uwani Hub and I volunteer for the Lagos and Ijebu WordPress communities. As well as the Netsquared Ijebu #Tech4Good meetup group.

I speak on a variety of topics at different events. If you would like to invite me to speak at your event, do click here.

I am great at breaking down complex technological terms and trends to newbies, and it will be my pleasure to assist you with your problems in tech. Got a challenge? Ask me here.

Fact Alert, We are all into TECH!


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