About Me

If I wasn’t running HDYTech, I’d do it for free.  I’m in it because I love sharing my knowledge. I am a Writer, Founder & Product Manager at How Do You Tech. We curate useful answers to problems and challenges in tech for Africans on our blogs. And we save you time from going deep into search rabbit holes by googling on your behalf for a monthly subscription fee.

In my spare time, I mentor and teach digital skills at Uwani Hub for free; Uwani Hub is a CSR project of HdyTech and a hub set up to equip women and girls with digital skills needed to empower themselves in the 21st century.

I stand by my belief that anyone can blog and everyone should run a personal blog. 

See mine at maryjob.wordpress.com

When I was introduced to WordPress (a content management system) I suddenly felt at home, combining my love of tech, design, research, and writing into one box.

This made me an efficient troubleshooter and the go-to person for any tech challenge you are facing right now.

So why should you work with me?

I listen!

Think of me as your personal assistant, I will not force feed you with my views and ideas about your project but I will listen to your needs and wants and guide you into getting the best possible solution tailored just for you.

I am passionate!

Oh yes, I am head over heels in love with WordPress, Open Source & the Internet.

I am efficient at my job!

I am constantly learning and improving my skills, I am better today than yesterday. I get satisfaction in being able to observe client needs, and identify their digital problems, and ways to solve them.

Picture Credit: Paystack Office When they hosted the WordPress Lagos Meetup Group for WP is 15 anniversary!
Picture Credit: Paystack Office When they hosted the WordPress Lagos Meetup Group for WP is 15 anniversary!

When I share, I feel accomplished helping people leverage technology within their reach to turn profit and or empower self.

Mary Job
Mary Job posing for a camera at SMWLagos19 Stage
Mary Job posing for a camera at an SMWLagos19 Sta

I am available!

I will not work with you one time and disappear into thin air, I am always here, either by phone call, text message, or email, and I will always respond to your inquiries for support. My preferred mode of communication however is via email.