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Hmmm, what am I doing now? Let me break this in bits.

I am still in love with WordPress & PMPro

Together with Tunbosun, we launched our Managed WordPress Hosting platform, Gbefunwa, not just for Africans, but to you out there looking to host your WordPress website with a company that cares about your success. Gbefunwa, in Yoruba, means “Give it to us”, and may I add, we will take care of it!

Our WordPress website maintenance business also got rebranded and launched as, what I most like about the plans we offer on there is the DIY plan for up to three websites at only $220 a year 😱 check out what that plan entails here, and please share with your friends, you may be saving a WordPress site from sudden death!

Our third summer teen camp was held in August and sponsored by Yoast Diversity Fund, you can read about it here.

New Uwani Hub Building - How It Is Going
New Uwani Hub Building – How It Is Going on the 28th of June

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