People always ask;

Mary, how did you get on the first page of Google search when someone searches for “Mary Job”?

I always tell them the same thing I will tell you today. The journey to the first page of Google search started with “keeping a blog“.


How? You may wonder! Think about these questions for a few minutes…

  • Where have you been all these while?
  • What have you been doing?
  • Why have you not been talking or documenting your journey from the very first adult stage of your life? And by that I mean, from high school if possible, or college at most.
  • How have you been selling yourself, your craft, your handiwork?
  • Where have you been talking about your handiworks and expertise? Everyone is great at something, what are you great at?

I know writing can be a chore, but hey we now have vlogs (video logs), and podcasts (audio logs), you have no excuse. YOU CANNOT GET FAR WITHOUT DOCUMENTATION!

A friend from the streets of Twitter once said; attend school, get what it offers, but develop yourself more into what you desire to be. – Uchechukwu A.

How do you develop yourself more into what you desire to be? This is one thing I always wanted to achieve while I was growing up. I achieved this at age 26 I think. How did I do it?

By blogging. Not just any type of blogging though, ‘personal blogging’.

If you have read any of my stories on why I started blogging, you would know this.

Personal blogging allows you to document your knowledge and journey in stories you share with the world. By so doing, you are leaving digital footprints of who you are and where you are coming from. This footprint can and will be traced back to you, for many years to come.

The world will see where you are coming from, how far you have come, and where you are headed. They can relate to that, they know your story and your experiences because you shared them as learning nuggets. That is how you earn trust, loyalty, and repeat customers in the digital space and offline. That is why blogs became popular and almost every organization has one today. 

Customers are no longer satisfied with products or services being shoved down their faces. They want to know why they should patronize you, your product or service. They want to know if you have a good track record and can deliver. In a way, your personal blog can be the work experience you tender to that company to show that you know your onions (that is, knowledgeable about something).

You don’t get a share of the marketplace by diving right into it with your perfect product or service and bombarding people with adverts and messages on how awesome the solution you are selling is. Okay maybe sometimes some people do.

You however can claim a seat at the marketplace table because you blogged.

Get my free e-book filled with all the information you would need to get started with your blog! It does not matter if this is your first blog or not, I have collated the do’s and don’ts of personal blogging from my experience as a blogger over the past years.

If you have already gotten my e-book, comment below and let me know if you found it useful.

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