What are Computers?

What are computers right? You may be thinking, isn’t this question a little strange to ask in this century, I mean doesn’t everyone know what a computer is?

My answer to that is NO, asking what computers are isn’t strange at all. Some people press computers already but they may not know fully what they have on their hands or how it can help them on their journey to success.

The thing is almost all of us use computers daily, i mean you are reading this from a computer, aren’t you? However how could we actually define “Computer”? Basically, a computer is an electronic device that manipulates data, stores them, retrieves them and possibly also creates new fresh data.

You know what ‘Data in a computer’ is right? Generally, data is a label for all information processed by a computer such as, but not limited to documents, videos, music or photos.

There is a lot that a computer can do and thanks to that, computers nowadays are by far the most used device for work with digital data.

When talking about computers one might think only of PC (personal computers) however by definition computers are all electronic devices performing any calculations, communications or transactions. For that reason a phone, tablet, various wearable devices, televisions or game consoles are also considered computers.

what are computers?
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Yet still a computer that is sitting on our table in the office is most likely what comes to our mind when the word computer is mentioned. Isn’t it?

What are your thoughts on computers? Which do you use in your daily life? How do you use them? What do you think constitutes for data on your computers? Share with me, I want to read from you.

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