We live in a world today where one source of income is no longer enough to meet our growing demands and increase in the standard of living, this has led to a lot of people learning new digital skills and having what we call “side hustles”.

Social Media Management is one of such skills you can learn and make your own “side hustle”!

Not every company has the capability to employ full-time staff for this role, and those companies who do may have the need to train their staff on how to manage social media for an organization.

This is where my course comes in handy!

Come, dive right in!

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  1. Day 1 - Let's meet each other - who are you online?
  2. Day 2 - So now you have your bio? Sell yourself to me in 30 seconds!
  3. Day 3 - So now, we know who you are - Let's get you set up with some tools needed to be an effective Social Media Manager